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  • About Us

    We started off as just a few gamers. People who had a lot of time on our hands, and spent it doing what we love the most; playing video games. We started to have a want, and a need for more. To do more, be better versions of ourselves so we began to think of ways we could not only create gaming content, but also provide for the gaming community. Enter TheGamingHub a community by gamers, and entirely FOR gamers. From sharing your favorite moments in video games, to blogging/vlogging, and even gathering a following for your streams if you're a new streamer. The website itself might be a forum, but also aims to include milestones within it in the form of trophies/awards to acknowledge these milestones that our users achieve. No matter whether you're a content viewer, a lore fanatic, or a streamer this website has a place for everyone. Why not dive right in!?